The Golf Division is proposing a contract for food service with The Tavern at Rancho Park, LLC (TRP). It contains a provision calling for TRP to demolish the locker rooms and pro shop and convert the space into a party room, or if like the City you prefer fancy words, a banquet hall.

Unlike the locker rooms, which is exclusively for golfers, the party room would be used for non golfers and golfers alike.

Of course if you have a locker and like having it, this is not good news. But there is more than locker rooms at stake. If at the alter of money the City can take away a golf centered use like lockers for a non golf use like parties, then, for example, the next time it may be taking away part of the first hole (and making it a three par as is done for celebrity tournaments) in order to create a structure there for some other money making enterprise. And this is not mere hyperbole. At Griffith the plan is not only to remove lockers but part of the practice area to enable holding weddings. So even if the locker room is not an issue for you, this conversion is a dangerous precedent about which you should be concerned.

No doubt the Golf Division contends that by getting a percentage of the income TRP gets from using the party room the Golf Division revenue will increase. (Whether that is true is far from certain. First, the percentage rent it receives would not kick in until a certain threshold of income is received by TRP, and second, if TRP was not burdened with the demolition and construction, presumptively it could and would have agreed to a higher rental.) The City's getting greater revenue should neither be the only or main consideration; advancing the interest of its primary customers, the golfers must be its primary goal.

The contact is not yet "signed and sealed," and it requires approval by the Board of Recreation and Parks Board Commissioners. If enough opposition is voiced, the Golf Division Manager might just back off, and even if she does not, the Board might reject the contract. Therefore, if you want to have a locker or locker room, or you are concerned about the precedent this loss of a golf related facility poses, you should contact both the Golf Division Manager and the Board Commissioners.

The Golf Division manager is Ms. Laura Bauernfeind, whose phone number is 818-246-1243 and email address is The Commissioners are Ms. Sylvia Patsaouras, Ms. Lynn Alvarez, Ms. Pilar Diaz and Mr. Joseph Halper. A phone message for them can be left at (213) 202-2640, and their e-mail address is

Our best guess is that it will be considered on February 20, 2019, so don't delay. If you would like to attend the Board meeting at which the contract is considered so that you can there speak in opposition, let me know and I will explain how to verify the date and place. More than that, let me know if you would like the Club to voice its opposition to removing the locker rooms.

-RPGC Board of Directors